Game Develop is now called GDevelop!

You surely have noticed that the website, forum and wiki now refer to GDevelop, the new name of Game Develop.

This new name is shorter, sounds nice, is a shortcut for “Game Develop”, and GD acronym can still be used! Moreover, it is a now single word0 which is not used anywhere else, so it will be easy to search information about it on search engines. (“Game Develop” was composed of two common english word, making it difficult to be well referenced, and lots so search about it returned lots of unrelated results).

In the next few day, you may feel the change to be a bit weird but I’m sure everyone will be accustomed to the name in a very short time :smiley:
The next version (being uploaded) will include new features as well as this new name everywhere in the interface. :slight_smile:

If you have any website/forum/article related to GD, you can change them to refer to GDevelop instead.
(And if some of you already tried the GDevelop web app which is being developed, it is now called gdevapp (as the domain name,

Cool. Unfortunately it looks that my GDevelop still refers to itself as Game Develop. Any chances of fixing this :wink:?

Also it looks like I’ll have to change my splash. Cool.

Anyway, I’ve never thought changing name was necessary. When I’ve googled Game Develop, even without quotes it always shown results regarding this site.

Yes but try to type on Google for example Game Develop ios without quotes and you get nothing related to GD. Adding quotes surrounding Game Develop returns appropriate results (i.e: The wiki page about Intel XDK, the old crowdfunding pages). :smiley:

The change is not that big because GDevelop is quite similar to Game Develop and it is intended, but it is without any doubt better to stick to a single, distinctive word for a name instead of two separated common words. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. Wise choice indeed.

Hadn’t notice that bit. My fault, sorry.

I like it new name, it was a really smart choice also because of the app version. GDevelop and GDevApp just makes more sense, and also looks and sounds better.
Though what I find really weird is the logo, just looks not right for me the plane text next to the nice “G” logo.

I like the design of the webapp logo better:

I think you should use this, or only the GD from the logo that’s looks even better itself.
Actually the GD in such design reminds me of the symbol of infinite what could also mean in a twisted way “the possibilities are endless” :laughing:
Well, just my opinion.

@Darkhog: No problem :slight_smile:

@ddabrahim: Indeed the webapp logo is quite nice and there is this reference to the symbol of infinite which is so nice :smiley: But I think that there should be a clear distinction between the native app and the web app (because they do not target the same people, their use cases are different)… But maybe the logo can be still improved yet :slight_smile: