Game Develop SDK

[size=200]This is deprecated. GDevelop and extensions are open source: go on to know how to compile it and contribute[/size]

If you have knowledge in C++ and/or Javascript programming, you can build new extensions for Game Develop or improve an existing one: official extensions are open source ( See below ).

Just download the SDK and follow the step described in the help file provided with the SDK so as to setup the development environment.

SDK for latest Game Develop version

The SDK can be download here :

Libraries and tools

As specified in the SDK help file, you will need these libraries ( Extract them in the ExtLibs folder of the SDK ) : … _1_55_0.7z ( Windows and Linux ) ( Windows only ) … widgets.7z ( Windows only ) … MLlinux.7z ( Linux only ) … tslinux.7z ( Linux only - You need to build this library, see the help file. )

You will also need to install the compiler used by Game Develop : … -4.5.2.exe ( Windows only )

Open source extensions and Javascript platform

Here is the GitHub repositories of the Javascript platform:
The official extensions are also open source:

Getting help

Feel free to post a message on this forum if you need help using the SDK. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you distribute needed libraries along with SDK? This would simplify setting it up greatly. Some sort of pre-made (except IDE because everyone has his/her preferences) environment.

Compiled version of wxWidgets is more than 1Gb (and 100Mb compressed), I cannot afford bundling it with each SDK: Most of the time, these libraries are not changed between releases so better offer them as separate download so you just have to download the new SDK and put the libraries already used for the old SDK into the new one!

Is this still relevant? I tried to compile from master following the instructions for developing, but it fails at the IDE with lots of undefined’s for widgets. I’m trying to clean my dev environment as I have various compilers, jdk’s, ant’s, ndk, sdk etc :astonished:

Maybe somebody can confirm correct versions of software to compile GDevelop and extensions from source.?

Using windows… of course… never had any problems with linux compilers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The SDK is deprecated since a few years. I’ve put a big warning on the first post.
To compile GD and the extensions and then contribute, go on :smiley:

Explanations are available on the GitHub page and on the documentation: … index.html (“Getting Started”)