Game Develop vs. Construct Classic

I’m debating between using Game Develop and Construct Classic.

They seem really similar. Do folks know how they differ in terms of included effects and what you can do with them?

On a related side note, will the text in the menu buttons in GD be sorted out? Some of it overlaps other buttons. I suppose this is a result of the program being designed in French.

You mean the ribbon? I know that some texts are overlapping, but it seems to be related to the tool managing the ribbon… Game Develop is now fully coded in English, French language is only available thanks to a translation file, so it is not the root of the problem.

Basically, the spirit of the two software are the same. Some things can be achieved more easily in a software than in another. For example, you can easily create destructible map in Game Develop. With Construct Classic, you can apply effects ( shaders ) to any object whereas there is no support for them in GD. Game Develop has a Light object, I do not know if there is such an object in CC ?
In Construct classic, almost all features are provided thanks to object while in GD, some actions/conditions are available without the need to add an object to the scene.

Thanks for the reply!