Game disappeared and there's no trace of it

So when i tried opening Gdevelop earlier and a pop up came up saying something like the shortcut doesnt lead anywhere and asked if i want to delete it. So after looking it up i assume it has something to do with Gdevelop updating and i closed my PC before the new update could install?

I just reinstalled it which was fine but when i went to open my project it says “Unable to open project check that the file still exists, that this file is a proper game created with GDevelop and that you have the authorization to open it”.

Now when i first created this project i saved it to the Gdevelop cloud, which i can see the cloud icon next to the old saves, but when i look at the saves from yesterday they have the pc icon next to it. I definitely dont remember switching it.

So i go to look for the project file and there’s nothing there. I even tried clicking on the 3 dots next to the project in Gdevelop and clicking “show in local folder” and nothing happened.

if anyone has any idea as to how i can get my project back i’d appreciate it. Ive made so much progress since the old cloud saves

thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Seem there is two thing there.

1- First the update of the software has been interrupted, that is why the shortcut lead to nowhere. Because when there is an update the software is deleted with all the content of the program folder, to make a clean place to the new version of it.

2- Where are saved your projects?
Seem it was first a cloud project, then you saved it locally, then the software updated happened, and you lost the software and the project.
If the project was in the program folder its lost for ever.
Is that your choice instead of the default Document folder for saves?

Note when you start a project in cloud, if you saved it somewhere else like locally, then the cloud save will not be up to date because the last time the save was local.

I never knowingly switched from saving to the cloud to saving locally and if I did somehow accidentally do it I didn’t choose where it was saved