Game glitches, graphics freeze

I have had this bug on the app and on all browsers I tried. Not only me but everyone who tried. It works fine and once in a while all sprites on the screen freeze for 0.1 - 0.2 second.
It happens anywhere, anytime, uncorrelated with anything else.
My graphics are not even complicated at all. I would say they’re extremely simple. But they involve a lot of computations. There’s no behavior or whatever. I just compute all the motion.
How do I know if I have reached Gdevelop limits? whether in term of computation or graphics?
More information is definitely needed here. You can’t embark on a several months project and then realize it was limited from the start.


You are going to need to provide actual context in order for people to assist. Examples of when it freezes, what the debugger shows, what the browser console shows (Ctrl+shift+I in preview), and likely your event sheets for the scene that is freezing.

There is no “computational limits” in GDevelop beyond what a browser can render. Since Chromium scales up near infinitely, that’s mostly true here as well.

For some examples, there are people on the discord making games with full hand-drawn animations with 100s of frames for each character animation and aren’t running into issues, so it will unfortunately have to be something specific to your use case. That doesn’t mean it can’t be tracked down or fixed, but does speak to it not being an underlying engine limit.

so I run the game with the debugger and after a glitch I look what the debugger and the browser console say?
I will try that.