Game has slowed down after update - GDevelop 5.0.0-beta72

First off I love the software . . . and am enjoying using it.
just had an update . . .
GDevelop 5.0.0-beta72
After update the whole game has slowed down to around half the speed (feels like the platform is now space)
My timer in the game is also counting slower so it seems like everything has been slowed down.
Any advise to fix would be much appreciated.

Can you check the maximum number of FPS in the game properties ? Set it to 60, or if it’s already 60, set it to 120.
Also tell me if your monitor is 50hz, 60hz or 144hz.

maybe you better check the minimum FPS I think by default is 10 I don’t remmenber now, but sure it is lower than 25

Right so this is weird,
Turned computer on today - reinstalled Game developer and boom.
its working at normal speed.
Thank you everyone for your speedy support.
your all #Amazing
Best wishes.

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He snuck on to your computer over night and fixed it :wink: