Game I made in Game Develop - Stak Bots Drones (beta test)

I’m coming up to the final stages of a game I made in Game Develop. It is called Stak Bots Drones. If anyone here would like to beta test it and give some feedback about the game, that would be great, especially about how easy the game is to learn to play. However, any feedback at all is good.

Link to the game: … eta/27376/

Cool game and good luck with that (though some animated backgrounds would help). Unfortunately I can’t test it because card games aren’t just my thing. Not even Magic. I just don’t those and I tried various - Duel Masters, Yugi-Oh (though for both animes were kinda cool), Magic, hearthstone… I just don’t feel it. I have more fun with a spreadsheet, though I understand why some people may like those games (otherwise creators of MtG would go out of business long time ago).

Thanks for giving feedback! Shame you don’t like card games though. Maybe you will better like my roguelike I’m working on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, though I’m picky on RLs.

Good game, addictive even, maybe a faster and more clear tutorial would help. Also some cards are apparently missing from my card wiki.