Game in development : Kendrick and the sword of destiny

Hi there !

I’m currently busy with a game called “Kendrick and the sword of destiny” .I’m a big fan of retro games such as Golden Axe and Ghouls and Ghosts. I would really appreciate it if someone will collaborate with me with this project . If anybody is interested in joining me with this project they can send me a private message or e-mail.
I will be keeping you all up to date with the progress.

When you say “collaborate” do you actually mean you are willing to share the full source and assets of your project including the whole idea and concept down to the smallest detail and you are open to suggestions and would share revenue?
Do you also realise that most people here is in full time job or education and won’t have the time to keep in touch and work on your game 24/7?

Just because most developer here when looking for people to “team up and collaborate” what they actually mean is that "I tell you what I need, and you make it " which is not the same thing.

Last time I was “team up” the only thing the guy was willing to share with me is that his making a platformer and he need a character to throw stones. I had to beg him for 3 days to share some assets with me and what the gameplay is going to be like. After 3 days finally I got some placeholder assets and the info the character can jump and also going to have a rifle and there will be enemies the player can jump on the top to destroy. The next day after sharing this huge amount of info, the guy demanded results and questioned me if am I making the game or what as I did show up nothing after 3 days and he also want a robot the player can control and a minimap to select level…

An other time there was a nice project and everything was shared and discussed as it should be but the guy demanded a meeting every night to discuss the project and share progress and when I was unable to attend for two weeks because of life, the guy sort of kicked me from the team…

So I’m not saying I would be interested to join you but I’m definitely not interested in the above.