Game lags when recording screen or game window

Heyo! I’m having a problem when recording my GDevelop game in programs like OBS, I’m not sure if I can ask this here though since it involves external programs. Let me know if this should go outside of the forum and I’ll delete it ^^

My game runs fine when playing normally, either through the GDevelop previews or through a build of the game, but whenever I try recording it with a program like OBS Studio or ShareX I noticed the game begins to run slower than normal, and since this is a traditional rhythm game, it affects the gameplay itself (as notes desync completely from the song. I’m using the playing offset of said song to check when notes should spawn, if it helps.

Do note I don’t even have to press record when having OBS opened for this issue to happen, the game already lags if OBS is open and has the game as an element like Window or Display Capture. With ShareX, it happens if the game is being recorded only.

I originally fixed this when this was happening on previews, but only on that, now that I wanted to start sharing progress of my game around I don’t know what else to do to be able to record or stream parts of my game. I only have OBS and the game running when trying this.

Has anyone else had a similar problem to this? As I mentioned, I tried OBS Studio and then ShareX to try and see if OBS was the problem, but the same happened with the second program. Is there any other recommended program to record video footage of a GDevelop game, or could it be my laptop’s specs are not enough to record and play at the same time?

Note: I’m using the latest version of GDevelop 5 as of posting this message (5.3.201) if it helps.

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Maybe your laptop memory is full

Not that I see really, I checked again and this is what Task Manager shows when the game and OBS are open (and OBS is recording the game’s window).

Does this problem happen when you record other Gdevelop games or games in general? it could be your laptop.

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It takes about 1000 of memory so your gdevelop game will lag eventually if ur using a 4gb ram or lower

The only GDevelop game I’ve tried has been the one I’m working on. I’m gonna try with other games to see if that’s the problem :0 thank you for the info!

Screenshot (834)

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Ohh!!! Sorry I can’t help with your

It’s probably OBS, recording programs tend to take a lot of resources. I don’t think it’s a GD5 issue, whenever I record Minecraft, other games etc. the FPS is greatly reduced