Game Preview Bug(Solved)

there is a bug in the new version , which freezes the game when you click with two fingers in the web app
This happens in all my projects.
I use the Gdevelop web-app on my cell phone, and I’ve tested it in several browsers and they all do the same thing.
I even made the .apk of my game and it got a black screen

I can’t replicate your issue. I compiled my latest project, loaded it to liluo and played it in my browser (FireFox). No issues.

Does it crash if you run it in under Network Preview (WiFi/LAN), and view it via your phone browser?


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Hi Loonnyal, yeah I couldn’t replicate your problem either. I opened the GD editor on my phone and opened up the platflormer example and previewed it. I did a few moves, then tapped with two fingers and no crashes. So, Loonyal, you could try that too, load up one of the example projects and see if it works. I used Firefox.

MrMen, I don’t think the Start Network Preview option will be available on a phone, well it wasn’t on mine.

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:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
There seems to be an issue with the Pinch extension and v154.
Are you using that extension?

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I have it downloaded, but I don’t have any events using it

It doesn’t matter, I added it to the multitouch example and didn’t add any events to use it, or change anything else at all, and it still froze the preview when I had a second touch on the screen. Once I removed the pinch extension, the multitouch example worked again.


That’s exactly what was happening, thanks

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I removed the extension and it fixed it, thanks

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I already solved it, thanks