Game preview error when dialogue text is too short

I am trying to make a game with dialogue trees created in Yarn. It’s been working great, but I ran into a bug. Thankfully, I’ve sort of been able to work around it, but I’d love to know if anyone has a better solution.

I have some objects in my game that show a single line of dialogue when interacted with. Also, there are some nodes in certain dialogue trees that only have a single line of text before ending. When I try to preview the game, reaching these lines of dialogue causes an error. Reaching a node with two or more lines of text does not cause this error. I was able to reproduce the result in this sample game:

Interestingly, this only occurs in the preview. I made a link to this sample game and played it. No crash occurred. When I close out of the error in the preview, I am able to continue the game as normal, so it’s not a massive problem, but if anyone knows how to prevent this, I’d appreciate the help.

I am using the web version of gdevelop on ChromeOS.