Game resources not loading

I went into my gdevelop project and all of the sprites I made in piskel are missing for some reason. Is this a problem with my PC or the engine? Did I somehow delete all of the art?

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Ahh. Did you move your assets somewhere else? Or did you move your JSON file in a folder that contains no assets?

That could be possible (you can check using the File Explorer)

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Thanks, I think an issue came up when I renamed it? You were right though, the assets were moved into a different folder. Thanks for the help!


So here are the causes of this issue:

1- Moving your assets to a different folder.
2- Renaming your assets to a different name.
3- Changing the JSON file to a different place.
4- Changing the extension of your assets (For example from JPEG to PNG)
5- Deleting your assets.

You need to keep track of your assets at all times, make a main folder that contains everything and make everything clean as possible so you don’t get lost or confused when the assets starts to pile up, always work in a clean environment especially with big projects.

I also made a full post about this here a while ago (It’s not the best or the cleanest way) but it’s a start for sure: The art of your project folder

Hope that helps : )

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But what should I do if this happens on a cloud project?