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Continuing the discussion from Banned on gdevelop discord: Why did you ban me from the other server? HelperWesley’s server. I did absolutely nothing wrong there, therefore you weren’t supposed to ban me from his server. Can I at least get unbanned from that server?

I understand you are trying to keep your community safe, but try not to sound constantly irritated. Please note that I did nothing wrong in that server other than asking develop questions. the server was called GameDev’s Fireplace.
Let’s end this conflict as it will lead us to nowhere other than confusion.

-Zamfir Alex from TheCrowStudios.

If you continue, you are going to get your self banned on the forum as well. You have been advised if you have any problem you are free to PM the moderators instead of posting on the forum. It is not the place to discuss moderations happening on Discord. Yet here you are you post the same again and ignore the advise you received.

You are free to PM every single moderator and in case the team disagree with the moderator banned you, they can unban you. If they agree with the decision, then you should consider the possibility it was indeed your fault, but I am certain you can discuss this with the moderators in private as they have advised you.