GameJam game: Ron's Loop

hi all, this is a link to Ron’s Loop, a game I made in 3 days for ZenoJam on
Hope you enjoy.

am a bit confused on how to upload the web version on

ron’s loop

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Good game! And how did you implement the character movement? If it `s not a secret))

thank you :grinning: although I realized I didn’t manage to upload it to the gamejam, my bad. As far as movement I used a tween. Player is 16x16 so I added or subracted to the Player.X() or Player.Y() position 16 pixels via x or y tween movement. Trigger Once for each key press.

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I just noticed Arturo moved link to games-showcase, much appreciated, thank you and I apologize that even though I finished the game in time it seems like I failed to upload it to the jam even though I followed their link.

Thank you, I thought it was more complicated, because the movements are smooth))

that’s the beauty of tweens. But I did have probems with collisions with walls and infact had to scrap that idea and go for wrap around.

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you can stop and remove tweens, when in collusion.

thanks, I did try that but it didn’t work for me. But I guess I was in a rush and need to look into it better.