Gamepad controls dont work on

I can use my xbox controller when i play the game in the editor, but when i play on the controller doesnt make any inputs when i press buttons, and basically appears as if its not there at all.

Unfortunately, this is going to be something with your event setup or your hardware.

I just tested on the Gods from the Abyss demo (Gods from the Abyss - DEMO | Play on and it works with my 360, PS4, and Series X controller just fine.

What event setup should i use

Whatever you want, but generally you need to ensure you’re figuring out the right gamepad number.

Again, keep in mind this could just be something wrong with your specific setup (not just your game project). I know some computers have had issues where their gamepads never get detected as the first gamepad, or in some cases USB or bluetooth headsets get detected as a USB controller messing up the gamepad number. Different browsers detect devices differently, as well.

I’d recommend setting up a test project that uses a text object to display the gamepad expression that shows the connected gamepads (one for each slot 1-4), then do a test/dev build for, and launch the project on your browser to see what it shows after you hit a gamepad button.

If your gamepad isn’t detected as Gamepad 1, then that’s why it isn’t working for you.

At that point you might just need to set up an event that updates a variable to the most recent connected gamepad number, and use that variable in your gamepad events to decide on the gamepad.