Gamepad support bug

The gamepad support external behaviour has a bug with the “if a button is released” condition where it gets stuck detected if it happens one time, this bug was reported already but you guys just posted a kinda “fix” that we have to do manually each time. But it’s a bug indeed, you can write exactly the same line with a regular key released behaviour and it’s not gonna get stuck, it’s just unusable. I will work with the “is pressed” for now, it’s not ideal, but the “fix” is worse, it would take me more time and it’s still not what it should be, please check that, it could be stopping developers from adding controller support or even releasing on a specific platform, thanks!


Please note that extensions are not native parts of the engine and therefore not something normally supported by the engine team. With this in mind I’m moving this over to the extensions subforum.

I’d recommend you give more context on what you’re expecting this to do, as it seems to work fine for me when using the trigger once condition. (Note that since this is an extension it will not behave the same as the “Key is released” condition, which is part of the engine and has built in “only once” functionality)

Here’s a super quick test with the Cross/A(xbox)/Bottom(Switch) button and a text object, and another text object with the same test, but for any button:

I’m using a timer just to ensure that “released” is not overriding itself as “true” until the next time the button is pressed. It’s behaving as I’d expect it to.