Gamepad support for HTML5 and native games

This would be very useful to have as an extension in GDevelop!

Thank you for reading.

Admin edit:
If you search how add controller/gamepad support, you can now add an extension to your game. Follow this link for know how..
And this link for see the change log of the extension.

Yep that might be really helpful, at least “xbox 360/one” extension template, because they are the most commonly used in games (and steam).

idk if it’s possible to use gamepad on HTML5 games…

Just for information, here is a usefull Xbox Gamepad demo : [url]Gamepad issue in Windows 7 - #5 by Daisdarg]

Thanks for replying! Yeah, it would really be useful. It is possible to use a gamepad in HTML5 games. There is a Gamepad API that most browsers now use (it’s Javascript, I think?). Construct 2 also allows you to use a gamepad in HTML5 games.

Also thanks for the demo, I’ll take a look!

Only the D-Pad ils not working in this démo, but Victor gave the tips to solve it. I’ll correct the file ans will mâle a post the wiki about it.

Thank you very much for your support!

I found a good link that talk about the Gamepad API and its implementation if necessary. The link is here:

The problem is that this API is not supported by all web browser and is still experimental.

Oh, I thought it was alright to use it by now, sorry!

You can try to use it, Victor juste told it’s expérimental.