Gameplay video for our first game

Hello everyone! Here is our game!

We have been working very hard on our first game called “Flynn Alcoa - The Eye of Horus.”

The game is rich with an original soundtrack, sound effects and story and graphics.

There are a few bugs we are trying to work out but can’t seem to find any luck with.

For instance, we had always intended this game to be mobile compatible but unfortunately there are still a few remaining bugs that prohibit the functionality of it. The main issue with the mobile version has to do with the main menu of the game not working properly once you go back to it after playing the game. It works great when your first boot up the game and then after you play a level and decide to go back to the main menu it doesn’t work at all. You can’t click on anything. The weird thing is it works flawlessly on the desktop.

Here are the events for the main menu in case any of you see anything that might be causing this issue.

The size of the game is also becoming a bit problematic. For instance, I cannot generate a link to allow others to test the game on account of the size of the game itself. I also haven’t been able to upload the game to on account of the size either.

Maybe we have too many graphics?

This is our first game so we are learning a lot as go. Any recommendations or advice you might have would be appreciated. At some point I would like to have those interested actually test the game out so I can get some better feedback but on account of the size of the game I’m not sure how to go about doing that just yet. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any help. I hope you all like the game thus far and we hope to have a playable demo finished soon for you all.

![Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 12.58.20 PM|690x323](upload://xvQ



Wow, that looks so good. Well done.

I don’t know enough to help you with your menu problem but I did notice that you pause and unpause the timer. But I couldn’t find where you actually start it.

Really great! Only the buttons does not match the theme.

How big is it? I think itchio allows 4GB.

Hey thanks for the feedback and pointing out the timer! I will check on that and see what is going on there.

Hey thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

The game isn’t nearly that big. When I try to upload the game on itch as an “HTML that can be played in browser” it says I have too many files. So I think I will just have it as a downloadable game instead. I think that should fix it for now.

The FAQ says 1000 files. I am currently using 1029.
Earlier the limit was 500 and the error message said what the limit is and how much would be uploaded.
Alternatively you can also use, gdevelop’s new own platform for html5 games.