Games look unpolished, what should i do?

All my games have this issue, they always look unpolished and basic no matter what i try. Does anyone have any solutions or tips for me?


other font instead of standard
other text color than #000000
better, harmonious colors
less contrast between colors
texture on the background
the buttons are too large
maybe a better camera position to show less empty space

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If you have made a game with just that simplicity, I should say, you are a cool. I have seen lots of people including myself strugle becuase wanting something cooler then just doing it (effects, animation, etc.). So seeing you do it instead of wanting more encourage me. Thank you.


it will teach you a tutorial to make 2D textures. It works well for tiles too.

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uhh no problem i guess and thanks to u too :smiley:

yeah i dont know how i didnt think of most of these

Check out this video. Although they use Unity in the video, the concepts are transferable. Helped me out heaps. How to make your game look good