Games won't load to work on in Build mode [CLOSED]

Is anyone else having issues being unable to work on their games in build mode? Mine show up in my user profile online, but when I click on them or click “Open” in the build box, they do not open. I just get a perpetual loading wheel.

I am able to open them on the desktop version of GDevelop, but for whatever reason I can only publish to GD Games–there are no other export options. I have a game that’s almost finished and I finally had some time this weekend to work on it, so this is pretty frustrating.

same for me, it wont load in the browser after closing. i am only able to get it to load on the windows client.

Is this happening to all of your games? It is for mine.

My games load now. I’m assuming there was some sort of update to GDevelop that solved it.