Big news everyone:

All the examples and templates now available at GitHub under MIT license means you can do with the examples and templates whatever you want, share them, redistribute them, say it yours and contribute with improvements or even new examples if you wish.


In case you have any questions, suggestions regarding any of the examples, templates at please use our forum here in the future:

Spam time :smiling_imp:

I have created this account long ago with the plan to sell source codes of various big projects of mine on but after I was not completely ready to set this up as at the time required to share my personal and bank details for payout before I even sold anything also the legal part of how to protect the source code and how to take care of non-free assets included in my project such as images and sounds and how to replace them with free or should I pay/offer royalty to the artists was doing me headache so I just didn’t do it after.

But now I had the idea to use this account to share small examples and templates for free with the optional donation and so I just uploaded some of my recent examples I made for GDevelop 5 wiki for a start.

I plan to make small examples and templates to help people get started with making their games. I’m going to make these examples and templates in GDevelop first but eventually I plan to add source for other engines too and make it a sort of hub of a bunch of useful free source but according to my plan all examples and templates will be available for GDevelop.

Unfortunately the page is pretty limited when it comes to customization so I might just need to start a website to better organize content and use as the store front and host only but it is for later. For now will do for the few examples I plan to share.


Thank you for everything you do, I’m happy when I find new codes, although some of them are already well acquainted with them while others do not.

said this I hope to send the project but without sacrificing perhaps the creation of your video game, in short, it should not be a sacrifice: P.

Hi all.

So far only few people have downloaded the GD examples and received feedback only from one person but even that person suggested the examples are not very good which raise the question if making GD examples worth my time at all.
I’m at the point where I’m considering making some very complex templates even full games which might take weeks to complete and polish for GD alone but I’m not sure if it worth the effort based on my experience so far.

Because of lack of time and lack of feedback and interest from the community, probably there will be no more GDevelop templates .

But before I make the final decision, I would like to ask anyone interested to share some feedback, opinion on why people are not downloading the templates or what kind of templates should I be making?
Also in case you do have some request, suggestions for what templates would you like to see, you are welcome to post them below. I’m considering sharing even complete games so you can mention anything you may be interested in and if it something fit my plans, it will be considered.

I’m going to make my decision based on the feedbacks I may receive if any, in the next two weeks.

Thank you all.


My opinion about “why people are not downloading” :

I think templates and examples can be really usefull in 2 cases : when learning Gdevelop, and when you’re looking for a features/ideas to solve a problem during your game development. And it’s why “recents” examples might be not so much downloaded, and i think a lot of people aren’t using GD5 at all for the moment.
2/3 years ago, when i was discovering Gdevelop, i was looking for examples all over the forum, and even now, sometimes, i look for some specific stuffs/examples : it’s not rare to find .gdg files posted in 2010/2011 that are really precious. For example, look at this one, downloaded more than 400 times since 2014 :

I have no idea about the number of people using Gedevelop everyday, or discovering Gdevelop for the first time and would like to learn how to use it, but it can be part of the explanation :

  • people involved in the GD5beta might not need examples at all, since they just trying the new editor and write feedbacks ;
  • other users, like me, are focusing on one solo project for years, and so don’t spare too much time on trying features or examples, by lack of time ;
  • and at last, for people who are learning Gdevelop : everyone has a different learning curve : some prefers examples, some prefers to find tips on their own. And even if Gdevelop is great and easy, i think there are a lot of give up.

I think your templates and examples are great for the future, it should be archived and described like you did on somewhere on the wiki and the forum, it will be usefull in time for a lot of people, like the snake example i linked up in this post.

Personally, i discovered your examples only few weeks ago, by curiosity and by clicking on your signature. Maybe i missed it, but i think it would be great to host, list and describe it in one forum post, or even on the wiki, because a lot of people will look here, and not in users signatures, nor on other website like itch. Tutorials on the wiki are great for learning, but examples “out of the box” is not for the same public in my opinion.

And then it’s a feeling, but i think a lot of Gdevelop user are still using GD4.

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What do you want? Want to make those templates for living? You want to be famous and want attention? What is your problem?

I think you should make those templates just for fun. Don’t think about it too much. Don’t sacrifice your freetime if it does not feel right. Make those things because you want to help, don’t hunt likes and attention. If no one or 1 download your template, so what?

I really don’t understand why you need comments to decide will you continue or not.
No one tell you to make 1 template per day. You can make 1 per year if you want to.

I think you just want attention too much. Relax and take it easy :wink:

Yes I would like to turn this in to a business because this is what I enjoy to do so why not. Don’t tell me you don’t, this is why you ignore the wiki even though I was suggesting you to put your tutorials on the wiki instead but you don’t. Instead you put your tutorials on youtube and on your own blog. Deep inside you are hoping you can get some credit for what you do and benefit from it. I don’t think that’s wrong, do you?

The problem is that though I would like to take this to the next level and provide really complex templates and examples even complete games. But because of lack of time I can no longer focus on multiple engines, I need to pick one and focus on that single engine only.

Technically, I already made my decision on I"m going to be focusing on pure HTML5 and Javascript only and drop AGK and GD but before I turn my back on this community, only want to know if there is anyone around here at this very moment who are actually interested in templates and what sort of templates… If you are not, don’t need to reply.
I don’t want a comment on every single example I have ever shared on this forum (a thank you would be nice once in a while though), only want to know what would be really useful for this community. Maybe I would do it, maybe not, maybe it would be shared for free, maybe not, I make the decision when it done but first need to get some feedback otherwise you can not plan things.

Regarding having a central place, yes this is what I was suggesting to 4ian, to create a dedicated page to share examples that is visible to everyone as soon as they visit the website and the forum and they can also try the examples before download, I even offered to be the admin of such page if he is not interested to do that but he did not replied and it was the time when I realized I could actually do something like this on, I did get back to 4ian and mentioned if he could add the feature to the wiki to embed the examples from itch we could actually do this without he need to pay for bandwidth if that is a problem. Just add me as admin on the wiki and on his itch account and done but he did not replied. I decided, to do it anyway…

End of story.

I have linked my templates on relevant places on the wiki and also on the forum, actually I did even collected all examples and templates in one place on the old GD4 wiki…

Sorry to hear that mate.
It’s very obvious that you are someone who knows how to work very well with GD and all that knowledge and experience is very important for the new users here, like me.
Being new here and a noob with GD (and everything that surronds GD in fact), i know the comment im making may be not very relevant for you and i understand that, but trust me mate, is extremely important to have experient guys here who can help the new users with their doubts and questions. And as you can imagine, you will not get much feedback from those same users exactly because they are exactly that: new users still trying to understand the “in and outs” of GD.

You gave me some advices for my little game project a few days back. Advices that i did follow and by doing that my game project become much more interesting!
It’s sad to say this but it’s a fact: the community here doesn’t get much involved in terms of feedback (with a few exceptions). And it’s also true that GD is missing a lot of tuts/examples for the several game type projects and GD functionatities. You have some of those nice and funcional projects/tuts i believe, and it would be a shame to see all that go…
But let’s have hope! And, who knows, maybe something good may turned out to be a reality with these posts and comments.

return here as it’s just expressing my opinion many users don’t use external platforms such as I did not even know of the existence of sites such as itch I, game jolt, etc such sites I know them and I use them now because by creating small I nigiochi use this service is very convenient, but if one doesn’t even know at the beginning of existence.

then you have to check the average user who uses the forum properly the wiki is recommended to all but few use it.

For me direct examples download codes make you learn quickly and understandable without explanation the program and is one of the most useful things you find in this forum.

However do not take heart too on youtube I uploaded videos of 20 video tutorials but it’s as if there are not to many, gdevelop community still needs to grow because for now is not in such great numbers.

I was thinking of opening a second playlist with all gdevelop5 you’ve created but I don’t know if it’s possible to do? but most of all you give me permission maybe can give you some visibility.

Maybe by posting more social networks which possess enormous potential, like youtube for me doing a lot of views.

then also depends on the type of examples if it is not too advanced code examples maybe a person does not use them, but if you can create some really advanced code type in my opinion people are interested to download it all.

I understand your opinion why waste time nobody likes him, I still hope that does not halt the project.

Sorry for the long post

I have never said such a thing, that is all your imagination (you sounds a little bit bitter) :laughing: I did not ingore the wiki, I never thought about that possibility because I usually make VIDEOS and youtube seemed pretty clear choice, eh? You added my tutorial topic on wiki page and I said thank you, I still appreciate it, because I was too lazy to do it (to add every tutorials again to different page and so the link only was a great thing what you did) by myself (and really did not know how to do it back then). I think there was some kind of language wall when I was talking about remembering to update the page and you was talking about which one is better: wiki page or this forum :laughing:
(btw I created first tuto in the year of 2015 and you said that wiki thing in the year of 2017).

Aaaand last thing about tutorials. When I search tutorials, no matter what is the thing I try to learn, I go to the youtube. Same with Gdevelop when I found it: I went to youtube and tried to find tutorials. Then I searched forums. Then example folder and then the wiki that was so messy looking and unprofessional that since then I haven’t visited there too often. I found what I wanted, but not in the wiki pages. So I think youtube and forums are the things.

Now really the last thing:

Yes if I finish my game , of course I want feedback and credit what I have done. But to make tutorials/examples for a living? Hell no! :laughing: I keep that thing as a hobby of mine. But if that’s what you want, I don’t judge you!

I recommend you to make a youtube channel where you add videos how the example in the works and then link to the itch page etc. I think you will be amazed how many people will find your tutos compared what it is now :slight_smile:

I second the youtube direction. I haven’t looked at too many of your examples yet, but I was going to when it was inventory time :smiley: .

If you need to move on then, that’s up to you of course, but having experienced people here is always a positive.

Maybe it’s a marketing issue. Will new users understand what you’re offering when you offer them a “template”? What might they think an “example” consists of? Do they get a compiled example of something they can play, a list of events to create themselves, or a project file with the actual events in it?

If you’re offering a set of events in a project file then maybe if they were called “event packs”, “downloadable events”, “importable events”, or something like that, it might be more obvious how useful they could be to a beginner.

Event pack 1: Firing bullets
Event pack 2: Dramatic enemy death routines
Event pack 3: Making spinning objects

Thank you for all the replies I’m really appretiate it.

Yes probably I should taken in to account the fact most people getting started with GD are complete beginners and may don’t even know what a template is but even if they do, they don’t know about variables, structures, expressions, behaviours and what certain events do and it is difficult for them to gain any useful information from templates alone. And in case someone have the knowledge it is very likely my templates are simply not useful to them unless it is something fit the project they are working on. Which brings me back to my initial question of what sort of templates the community would be interested in.

Tutorial videos are not my piece of cake, recording, editing and uploading just too much trouble. Making “event packs” to develop specific genres sounds interesting actually and to do it for fun and don’t stress would be nice. Unfortunately though I can no longer afford to spend my free time with something I gain no benefit from. I don’t necessairly mean money, but also experience and new skills for example.
I reached the level with GD when it does not teach me anything valuable and I also don’t see enough progress in development to choose GD with confident as the platform of my game that I’m developing. But I did enjoy using it for templates to help beginners (at least try), unfortunately though I’m no longer have the time and the luxury to do it for fun even though I’d like to. I need to be certain whatever I do it worth my time and I gain something from it.

After consideration I made my final decision to put GD on hold and is not going to be updated with any more new GD content. I’m going to be focusing on pure HTML5 and Javascript from now on. I plan to keep GD content as an “entry point” for complete beginners to HTML5 game development but for now there will be no more new GD content. In case I ever decide to remove the GD content, I’m going to replace the link to with a link to my google drive.

Not that I expect anyone care but I would like to express that it is not because people did not downloaded and commented on my examples and templates and I did not make money, I have already dropped GD and didn’t use it for quite some time but the announcement of GD5 and the amount of dedication 4ian shown for 2-3 following months give me motivation to give it an other go and stand behind it, but at the moment things seems to go back as they were before. GD is continue being a school project developed only once week and to practice skills 4ian need in life as a web developer. I don’t judge him, but it is no longer suit me.

It was a fantastic 5 years with GD and I wish everyone to have as much fun with it as I had.

I just download your template, look cool and nice too!! Anyway,I plan to make commercial game using GD. Using NwJS to wrapping it. And my problem right now, there 're no tutorial how to wrapping it with GD. If you can provide it, i’m very grateful. :slight_smile:

I also like the example of the inventory explained how to use it because it is rather difficult to learn as steps, however do not give up the examples are a useful thing I personally now I’m using little gdevelop but this is because it is a Period like this.

What do you think about opening your own YouTube channel?


Sorry I’m not really interested in making tutorials in general. I’m enjoy using GD and I had lot of fun making templates, trying to explain what does what in comments but making a tutorial and explain every bits and pieces step by step is not my interest. I know it would be useful, but I just don’t have the time any more. I did the tutorials on the new GD5 wiki only because no one else did (!) and 4ian asked for the help, but I’m not really interested in making tutorials. There are people here dedicated to tutorials, I’m sure one of them might be interested.


What kind of game you want to develop you can know?

I think you can make any game with your level.

The problem of the game are the assets and the graphics to be found really takes a long time.

In case you mean templates. I don’t know yet actually if I’m even going to continue making templates at all but if I do, there would be no specific game or genre, but all sort of genres may even remakes of other games.
Regarding personal project, I’m developing a space sandbox RPG game but it have been redesigned a million times already, I also been engine hoping a lot so I don’t think I ever going to finish it.

Yeah, I find animated characters and effects the most problematic. if you are not an artist it can be really difficult especially if you are making an unique game. The best solution is once your game is done is hire an artist to replace your place holders.
For that reason I was seriously look in to RPG Maker recently. RPG Maker comes with tons of really good staff and the RPG Maker community also sharing tons of content, it would be easy to find someone to do custom assets or may even do my own by editing the existing ones. It would mean I need to use RPG Maker, but it would be ok for the most part except I don’t like the text based inventory (though maybe I could change that) and it would be very difficult to add multiplayer. But maybe I could finally finish my game.

Well, you would be surprised how many projects laying around that I got stuck with because of a bug I can’t solve or things I just don’t know how to improve especially math and geometry related staff.
I know a few things but there is a lot more I don’t :frowning:

Hi all!

Probably any of you using GD5 or reading GitHub already know that all examples shared at going to be bundled with GDevelop5. As it is relatively big in size, I believe 4ian making statistics on which examples are opened the most frequently and he is going to keep the ones that are more popular.
I have also ported over some of the GD4 examples made by “you” to be bundled with GD5 and improved the examples where I could with comments and events. The original authors has been credited. I hope people are going to enjoy them.
The examples are continue being available at just in case 4ian decide to not include some of them later so everyone keep access to all examples I shared at I may also going to update them time to time so it would be always the most up to date list.

I think we have covered pretty much all features of GD5 with the examples shared at if anything is missing or you have any idea please let me know here, I’m considering making more examples for GD5 but got no idea what exactly.

Also some update on my future plans for
I plan to make templates to cover genres in general like,
-side scrolling platformer
-top-down shooter

I’m thinking of designing these templates modular so people can add/remove features as they need them and tweak the features by changing values to create their own gameplay. For example in the platformer template I will add collectable and usable items like weapons, jet pack, health pack, ammo, different platforms and different play style like infinite runner and traditional controls to choose from, different enemy types with different behaviors to tweak and design your own platformer. The same goes for all other genres as well. Actually what I have in mind would be a kind of framework for developing a certain genre. Probably it is not even going to be called “template” but called “framework” instead. In essence It would be something similar to the platformer behavior in GD5 but offer way more features and options to tweak for each genre.

It is going to be free and open-source and open to contributions on Github. I’m going to share more info on this later if it going to be relevant as I’m uncertain at the moment if I’m going to be using GD5 for this. Probably not, but let me know if you have any idea on how something like this could be implemented in GD5.
One way I was thinking it would have a core that is connecting all features together and all features would be included as external events. In case you need any features you could simply just link to the external event and use groups to add objects to be collectible for example or obstacle, enemy…etc. The core would take care of the integration of the feature and any information shared between the features. In case you don’t need any features you could simply delete the external event. Animation would be an issue though. in GDevelop you would be definitely limited regarding animations because for example if I design an enemy with only 5 animations walk, jump, stand, shoot, crouch, you would need to add these animations to add your own enemy with your own animations. But it would be definitely limited and this is the reason probably I won’t make this in GD.

But I don’t know, as I have described would it be useful to anyone?
While I work out the details feel free to share any ideas, any features you think would be useful.

So i came across this gdevelop community by pure luck and i thank god for that … the help that i have found from people here is just amazing . But unfortunately this is after going through a lot of searching … when i started a month ago i was looking for a free game engine to make my dream come true which is making a game … so i was about to give up until i found gdevelop by pure luck … it was amazing simple and super easy to understand . But i thought this was the hard part but i was wrong …

( Tutorials )
When i actually started making my game i had no idea what i was doing … what should i write to make this happen or this … then i searched youtube and the sad part … it was so so hard to find a place with all the tutorials and just go to it when i ever need anything … so i kept searching again for about a week to come across this wonderful community … it’s amazing and i’m not jocking about that .

My experience turned from low to high because of the amount of help i got from you people around here and from the different answers around here in the community .

Like now i’m typing my own codes . Solving my own problems if i can … asking for help here if i can’t .

So tutorials on youtube … here on the community … making profit … no profit … it’s always great to see some good work … you are all amazing … and i truly hope to find this one place just full of tutorials starting from beginner to experienced . And have a bunch of possibilities that you can make your games with not by copying the code and that’s it but by learning how to do it .

For me i prefer YouTube tutorials and i would love to see a channel just for gdevelop 5 or gdevelop 4 tutorials .

Anyway . You are amazing whoever making tutorials and helping other people make thier own dream come true .

Having experienced people around here is always great .

Thank you …