Gangsters Turn - Turn based strategy game

Hello guys, I made a turn based strategy game that kinda plays like a board game. You take on 3 cpu controlled gangsters and you have to kill them all to beat the game. If I come across small bugs I’ll fix them.

Let me know what you think! Gangsters Turn

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This is a really good start for the game. It’s simple enough to get into quickly, it’s great that you have 3 AI players.

Will you increase the play options as games are won, so there will be more choices than just the hire men, commit crime, buy weapons and fight other gangs? And how come I don’t get another gang’s money when I wipe them off the map?

Is there any chance that you could animate what each player does? Something like a silhouette of men marching into your territory when you hire more muscle, or an arrow moving from your area to another when you choose to fight?

And it took me a while to realise what the blue bar on the side does. But otherwise, it’s a solid little game. Well done.

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Thanks mrMen. Yes that’s actually a great idea to improve the options when you win a game. And also some animations will be added over time. Thanks for the feedback.

I have made an update and added some small animations/icons when choosing an action. I also added a ’ chance’ option and you get your enemy’s money when you’re the one that kills them. :slight_smile:

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