Garbage on GDevelop's profile

I visited GDevelop’s profile on GD.Games, and found this:

I can’t say for sure if it’s abuse or an innocent mistake.
Also, I see people uploading examples to the platform without any editing, which is annoying.

The parking jams seem legit, but they all definitely seem to be trolls. The problem is anyone can go into their project and add anyone with a gdevelop account as a co-author. I may be mistaken but I assume they can just add the official GD account to boost their games somehow? Conjecture at best.

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I think so too. But if we assume good faith, might it be some kind of credit given to GDevelop?

It is worth noting that all games in the screenshots are republished examples.

I don’t know If it was fixed but I noticed before that creating a Project from a template would not have the author cleared, leading to derivative games appearing on the games page of the original template creator if they put themselves as author in the games properties.