GD crashed, can not add objects to scene and edit events now

After opening one of my projects and trying to “Save as…” it under other name program crashed and now whichever project I open it has empty scene where I can’t add anything by right-clicking on it plus there is no event tag. I tried to reinstall the program but nothing changed, so now I can do nothing with my GD. :frowning: :astonished: :angry: How to fix this problem?

Can you include some screenshots of the issue?

Here is a screenshot: … sp=sharing
The Scene tab and the Event tab are missing. I still can preview the game but only for Web platform. Can not preview games for native platform (maybe because it runs in Scene tab).

Again reinstalled the GD. But this time I deleted by hand all GD folders which were not removed by installer (in Windows/Program files and in Users folder “.Game Develop”) This time everything works fine again. I wish that uninstaller do the better job in new versions of the program and leave only files in GD Projects folder.