GD Crashes on export

i have tryed to export my game for the last 3 days, but it keeps crashing.
Always on the upload step.
the only time, it did not crash i got this error massage:

i never had that issue.
there 2 differences to before:
1: i updated to version 102
2: i registered the project (analytics)
it seems, i cannot uncheck the registration, to check if thats causing the issue.

i even turned off anti virus functions, didnt help.
i cant think of any other issue.

403 means access denied.
Did you check that you are logged in and you have exports left?
Can you confirm the folder size, more or less?
Have you tried other export options? Web, or offline build?

What happens when GD crashes? It simply closes, it freezes with 99% CPU usage, or…?

i was logged in and had exports left.
the folder is only 120mb, which is much smaller, then the exports, i have done before.
I tryed windows Zip/autoinstaller and web, same result.

dont think its cpu overuse. it whites out and then windows searches for solution of error.
i get the massage that GD does not work anymore and it closes.
(dont remember the exact message, since its swedish)

the build of the package works fine.
i did suspect, that the slow upload might have something to do with it, but that would not explain the crash.

there is actually 1 more difference, i moved the folder (game) from documents to desktop, could that be a problem?

I see what you mean by the “whites out”. Sometimes, it’s just a hanged process that can fix itself if you give it some time (more than a couple of minutes would be a waste of time). The game is not that big though, so I don’t think it should happen.

Try to export another project to confirm that your setup is correct and the issue is project-specific.

I think all the paths are relative, so you should be able to move the folder as you like, as long as all the needed files are inside, but I can’t guarantee it.

Open the console (ctrl+shift+i) during preview to check if you see any errors that might explain the issue.

idk what it means.

i successfully exported an example project without registering it and from the gdevelop document folder.

i have to wonder, because its GÖRTAN, i have exported it many times before. now that i have reduced it to only the working core and updated to gd to 102, it doesnt export anymore.

i try again later, but move it back to the gdevelop document path.

Apparently it’s an issue with my internet connection.
Thanks to @DavidC i know now that it’s not an issue with the project, since he could export it.
But why does a slow connection crash the program?

The yellow warnings don’t matter, I think.
A slow connection can fail the build, because there’s a timeout I think, but it shouldn’t crash the program.

I tried an export to local folder and run it with nw.js but i only get a black screen :frowning: