[GD3683] MouseWheelDelta() doesn't work.

According to the Wiki, MouseWheelDelta() should return 1 or -1 when the mouse wheel is used, but the expression is not recognised by the expression editor, I get Syntax Error message when I enter MouseWheelDelta().
If I try it anyway it doesn’t work.
example:mousewheel.gdg (6 KB)

When you use the mouse wheel the message in the top left corner should change, but it doesn’t.

This expression doesn’t work in HTML5 projects. Change your platform to native and you will see that the expression is listed in the category “Mouse cursor”.

The expression is not available in HTML5, you can check it here: github.com/4ian/GD/blob/master/ … ension.cpp
I don’t know if 4ian forgot to add it, or it is not implemented because incompatibilities, maybe bad responses in pages (undesired page scrolling), if so, it should be named in the last line of code, that lists not-implemented expressions… anyway we will have to wait :slight_smile: