GD5 v106 - Array

Now with version 106 of GD5, it also brought variables as an array. Knowing this, is there a tutorial on how and when to use it?

As far as I know, not yet. I think beta106 is still in testing. And there is not yet an documentation for it unless there is an auto generated one. I might be wrong

EDIT: I was wrong, there is a short description about it here, Variables [GDevelop wiki]

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It was something I had been waiting for a while. I hope it works well. I think of using saves to avoid using scene variables. Not that this is not possible today, but it will help me a lot in other matters!

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wait, 106 is out?

my updater doesn’t say anything and the download from the page is still 105

e: nvm, you are talking about the testbuild.

this topic might be worth a read for you.

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