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How can i have the leyer that folows the player as the player moves b[/b]
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Edit: The answer below is if you want to write a score value above the player object. If you want it to be just on top of the screen, always at the same position, use a new layer instead. I haven’t used the app, so not sure how.

You could make a text object and use the position object action, then as the X and Y write the position of X and Y of the player object.

If player object name is “Player”, then it would look sth like this:

Position object Text, X = Player.X(), Y = Player.Y()+20

Something like this:

(+20 is missing on Y).

+20 is to make the text be 20 pixels above the player object. It may need to be more or less.
If the text needs to go a bit more right, you can add +10 or +20 or etc to X position as well.

Tnx bro it worked ! ! ! (do you want to make game with me)

You’re welcome. I’m working on some other projects (I have my own little game, and some other things) but if you run into any problems, don’t fear to ask on the forum. I asked questions here too, and most often get useful replies. :slight_smile:

Can i see your game ?
name of your game

Not yet (it’s not made yet, just in development), but I am thinking about making a post here sooner or later. Maybe a kind of forum blog where each update to the development is discussed. :slight_smile:

This is my game i made it in 30min … d8074f9d6e
Name of the game:
Firgo Game
I uploded it on the :arrow_right: GDevApp

It’s a good start. :slight_smile: Perhaps you can add more blocks, more enemies, and if the character falls down (if Y position is higher than e.g. 2000) then there should be some type of death. Perhaps you can just position the player back to the starting point, so he can start over.

Do you have viber skype fb i can add you we can chat thogether because you are my best partner

I don’t spend too much time every day with Gdevelop, but when I do, I am often on the forum. So if you have any questions, it is easier to ask here. Sometimes I don’t know the answer, and then others can help you also. :slight_smile: