doesnt work..

Site doesnt open, is it just me, or is there some maintenance going on? :slight_smile:

Seems like a long maintenance :smiley:

Page still doesn’t work

I confirm, Gdevapp seems to be (still) dead…

Well, it’s hard to maintain 2 projects at the same time, and personnaly i really prefer support and development on Gdevelop so… RIP But a announcement might be welcome, especially on front webpage of Gdevelop.

I don’t think it dead and not maintained any more or something, I guess it only a problem with bandwidth or some problem on server side.
It did work the other day and at this moment as I’m writing this, it works on my side.

Yeah it is working here right now, too :smiley:
I’m pretty sure it was not working yesterday or the day before…

does not work, the sanctions may be imposed :smiley: