GDevApp doesn't load in Internet Explorer 11

Before anyone say anything like that IE is crap, other web apps loading and working fine in IE 11.

Console message:

SCRIPT5: Access is denied. File: xcomm.html, Line: 1, Column: 1

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 64bit.

A horse can carry a little bomb… this means every bomb have to be designed to be carried by horses?

Maybe it should work/be solved, but anyway, IE is not dead? It will be (possibly) replaced by Spartan (and maybe it is not just IE 12 with a new name) :smiley:

I didn’t know that IE will be replaced by a “new” browser :mrgreen:
But I don’t think it dead anyway, seems like it will affect only Windows 10 and maybe Windows 8 later but I’m pretty confident Windows 7 going to keep IE 11 because as far as I know Win 7 stopped receiving new “features” it going to get only security updates form now on until 2020 or something and so IE 11 but no new features and apps anymore, so I don’t expect Spartan on Windows 7 but maybe this time will be different and IE 11 along with Win 7 will be dead before end of support as Win 10 looks pretty promising to be honest :wink: