GDevelop 3.6.78

GDevelop 3.6.78 is available.

It is an hotfix for crashs in GDevelop 3.6.77. The new features of GDevelop 3.6.77 are:

Added Shape Painter objects for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
Added Panel Sprite (“9-patch”) objects for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
Added Text entry objects for HTML5 games (already available for native games).
Added support for “Change global color” action for Sprite objects in HTML5 games.
Added LastPressedKey() expression to get the name of the latest pressed key.
Fixed hitboxes of Tiled Sprite and Text objects not always properly updated on HTML5 games.
Ensure that platformer objects are able to jump after being stuck into an obstacle.
HTML5 games are now fullscreen by default.
Fixed crashes with extensions (like LinkedObjects) due to an internal error in the game engine.
Auto complete automatism name when editing a condition or action and clicking on the button next to the parameter field.
Updated Pixi.js, the HTML5 rendering engine used by GDevelop, to the latest version.
Disable ribbon buttons in the Scene tab according to the scene editor state (preview or edition).
Translations are now made using (Any help is welcome! :smiley:).

For now, you can download this version for Windows from GitHub:
For Ubuntu, it is available on the official ppa: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5980)

I’ll made this version available on the website soon :slight_smile:
(And I’ll update the website to use let Ubuntu users install GD from the PPA!)

Awesome update!! :mrgreen:

Kudos for the autocomplete feature!

Btw, the Scirra guys have outlined their plans to bring C2 to Linux and Mac with the C3 release.
Clickteam has also (less officially) stated their interest to join in Linux. … ign=buffer

It will take them some time to port their editors, meanwhile Gdevelop can take advantage with its already open source and portable engine! :smiley: Better get it to mac as well before those guys. We might be able to steal some of the userbase.

We are also still not on Steam, which they are.

uh drawing shapes, you have read my problem with circles :smiley: