GDevelop 3.6.80

GDevelop 3.6.80 is available!
Here is the changelog, copied from the GitHub release page:

Fixed regression from latest version that prevented native games from being properly compiled on Linux. (Thanks to victor!)
Optimized platformer engine for HTML5 games: The engine is up to 50% faster.

Here are the new features from version 3.6.79:

Added German and Portuguese translations (still unfinished, about half of the software is translated: help us on
Full support of multitouch for HTML5 games. Use it simply with the “Cursor/touch is on object” condition, or create custom logics with advanced multitouch conditions.
Added actions to change animation speed.
Added CurrentSceneName() expression to get the name of the scene.
Fixed ToJSON expression not handling quotes properly.
Added previews of images to some “open file” dialogs.
Fixed crash with large tilemaps
Added Slot machine example (thanks to Erdo)
Added multitouch example
Minor User Interface improvements.
Internal work to support Mac OS X.

Ubuntu and Linux repositories are being updated right now, should be ready in a few hours at most :slight_smile:
Windows users can download it from the GitHub page:

This version should be stable with no major bugs, and I’ll activate update notification inside the software soon :slight_smile:

Nice !

nice release! :slight_smile:

The animation speed feature is really useful and the optimization in the platformer engine is really impressive!

The high cpu consumption in the event sheet bug on linux is still there sadly. I wonder if we upgrade wxGTK it will go away :frowning:

Gdevelop uses your system’s wxwidgets library : so, we’ll have to wait…
You can still detach the event sheet tab and put it below the scene editor to reduce the cpu consumption.

Great Victor!
It works! It’s a nice solution to move the tab under the scene preview.

Take a look at this video:
Moving the tab, the cpu usage decreases!

it is at least not consistently high, but it still peaks pretty high that way. The solution is not complete. I dont like having half the screen used up that way at all :neutral_face:

Note that I thinkg that you surely can also put the events on the right of the scene, that could be better adapted to most wide screens we have nowadays.

My cpu is still dying with a split view. It peaks at 100% sometimes and jumps back and forth between 20-70%.

Might try running it with wine instead. This is such a shame :frowning:

The bug has not been filed at gdevelop’s github or at wxwidgets issues tracker. I see no hope of this ever being fixed.

Right now we can’t file a bug to wxWidgets, the bug is really too vague and they won’t do anything except say to me “Well fix it by yourself/check your software”. A bug report has to be something that is reproducible a minimal example and I just can’t say them “Ok this is eating to much cpu can you debug plz?” :slight_smile:
Still, added to the GitHub tracker. Maybe using a profiler like gprof would help identifying what is going wrong.

I’ll try to create an app with a wxAuiNotebook and a wxFrame rendered with a wxDC to see if the issue can be reproduced. It’s probably a wxAui’s issue and not the only one : dock behind dialogs on Windows, empty docks under KDE (I’m currently running Fedora 21 with KDE)…
I’ve posted a message on the wx forum about this last issue : they say that it’s not a priority and that wxAui is a bit under maintained… :frowning: (It would be so much better with Qt).

I agree that QT is a much better choice than wxgtk for a multiplatform app.
It is currently backed by huge organizations such as Autodesk, so it’s development is much healthier and more active - you will likely get a better support from its community which I gather is bigger than wxgtk’s.

QT is also more flexible than wxgtk in terms of customization of the interface.

But wouldnt it be very hard and time consuming to rewrite the entire UI in qt?

Btw thank you for not giving up on this issue. Sorry to hear that wxGtk developers are not very active. I saw that their last release is from last year.

wxWidgets (wxGTK is the main linux implementation) is not the problem, it’s wxAui (a module of wxWidgets) which is under maintained.

Anyway, it’s too late to switch to Qt (we can’t partially replace wxWidgets classes after classes) and it has a con : the MOC.

how long did it take to implement it in a html5 frontend. :smiley:

Ok here is an idea:
if possible I would just disable that problematic library when compiling gdevelop. Is it possible to do?
I would gladly trade off the ability to change the interface in fancy ways in order to get normal cpu and less lag when editing my events! :laughing:
Can gdevelop editor still function without wxAui? If it is underdeveloped and causes serious issues then it is worth considering a way to at least disable it when compiling. Can I disable it? Alter the build script somehow?

It should help to at least be certain that is the cause of the issue.

wxAui manages docks (floating panel that you can dock somewhere in the main window), tabs (scenes editors). So, you can’t disable it.

EDIT : I think I caught the line causing the CPU problem. :mrgreen: (and it’s not a wxwidgets problem : we were wrong :blush: )

is there no way to replace wxaui - for tabs at least?
I rarely dock stuff out of their default location. How come it is so under-maintained. :frowning:
I mean their community is not helping a lot here. look at this dead end thread from 2007: … 74&p=71885

Qt is absolutely awesome at docking stuff and tabs.

You might have not seen my edit. :slight_smile:

Whats the problem? This is great news :mrgreen:

The scene editor need a constant refresh event. It’s made by using an Idle event (when nothing happens). On Linux, we need to tell wxWidgets that we need one more of these. That’s what is causing the error. I disabled the idle event when switching to the scene editor and the cpu usage doesn’t grow up.

I’ll send it to 4ian in a few hours and then, you’ll be soon able to test it using your build script.

Awesome!! I cant wait to get this update from github! :laughing:
You guys are amazing. Glad that it wasn’t wxwidget’s fault after all.

Meanwhile, you can download from my GD’s fork here : … -cpu-usage