GDevelop 3.6.81

GDevelop 3.6.81 is available!
Here are all the changes:

New (partial) Italian, Polish and Chinese translations! Your help is welcome, you can contribute on
New ‘Pick nearest object’ condition
New condition to check if a mouse button is released
New condition to check if a key is released
New sound system for HTML5 with huge performance improvements
Update rendering engine of HTML5 (Pixi.js) for improved performances
New “Advanced 3D tower” technical demo
Add Backspace as an alternative to Delete key shortcut in most editors
Fixed the high cpu usage when switching to the event editor on Linux
Fixed images insertion order when adding multiple picture to an animation
Fixed sprite global color action for HTML5 games
Fixed scale factor of Sprite objects being negative when object is flipped
Fixed pathfinding not working for native games
Updated titles of some editors to make them more consistent
Fixed crash with tilemap and large tilesets
Fixed some GTK3 glitches
Fixed wrong initial sprite size and animation when custom properties were set in HTML5 games

For now this version is only available for Windows, you can download it from the GitHub page:

If everything looks good, I’ll release the Ubuntu version and make this version publicly available from the website :slight_smile:

Awesome :smiley: I can’t wait to try the new update. That new pick closest object condition sounds great too.

Nice update! :smiley:
The new 3D tower looks awesome! :mrgreen: But there is a missing image (“lumière.png” if I remember correctly) :wink:

I still can’t get sound to work on android. Is there some sorta event i’m missing? :neutral_face: I was using it like in this picture.

Does it work on the browser? If so, I think you are not missing anything :neutral_face:

Yeah still works fine in the browser. I tried compiling it 4 times now. I’m using that testing over server thing from the Intel XDK by the way.

Are you using Crosswalk on Intel XDK? It not you should surely try it. :slight_smile:

I tried it via crosswalk. It seems to just be a white screen, and it never loads :frowning: A 64 MB white screen. Game must be around there somewhere.

I have no problem playing sound on Android.

Try to export this project to Android, it works for me: … sp=sharing

What does not works for me is the Dynamic Lights example comes with GD. When I try to run preview it makes GD crash.

Okay that one worked. Maybe it’s because I had made this before the update? I’ll redo it (I haven’t programmed much just a menu) And see if that fixes it. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

So far the problems I have found:

  • There are some bad/unexpected behaviors with the “Compare two expressions” conditions:
    [*]The inverse condition (through the checkbox) doesn’t invert the logic result

  • Invert this condition through the “NOT” advanced condition doesn’t work in HTML5

]The Dynamic Lights example crashes GD[/:m]
]The Lazer and Zombies example crashes GD (probably because the lights too)[/:m]
]There are several images in the Examples folder in Indexed or Greyscale mode (instead RGB), it makes some examples work bad (as the Breakout) [/:m]
[]The new example has a missing image: “lumière.png”[/:m][/list:u]

  • If anybody interested: I’ve written a little GIMP script (Python-fu) to change the mode of every opened image into RGB, and overwrite the files so make a copy of the files before (it works only for images saved in the disk): (573 Bytes)
    Just uncompress the zip to get the .py file (the forum doesn’t allow attach *.py files) and put it in the GIMP plug-ins folder, (assuming GIMP version 2.8, C:\Users"Username".gimp-2.8\plug-ins for Windows and ~/.gimp-2.8\plug-ins for Linux). You have to make the file executable on Linux.
    To run the script, in GIMP, go to Image >> Mode >> Batch RGB… and wait (it can take some time if several images are open) :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m trying to fix the lights. The bug seems to only occur on Windows. I’ve fixed the missing image.
I’ve released GD 3.6.82 for Ubuntu (=same as this version but with updated translations) as it seems that lights are working ok on it.

Yeah, the lights works fine even in Ubuntu 32 bits :slight_smile:

Lights bugs and some minor fixes available in version 3.6.83! GDevelop 3.6.83

Let me know if lights are working properly now :slight_smile: