GDevelop 4.0.85 (test version)

GDevelop 4 is here :smiley:

Here is the long list of changes since the last version:

Huge internal changes to have multi-language support (“Unicode”) in games.
New AdMob object, that can be used to display ad banners (or interstitial screens) in HTML5 games exported to iOS/Android with Intel XDK.
Automatisms are now called Behaviors for objects (more intuitive and easier to understand).
New scene stacking feature: a new action allows to pause the current scene and launch a new one. You can then go back to the previous one with another action. This makes it easy to create a pause menu, a RPG combat system, rooms/building that you enter from a map…
Improved export of HTML5 games to Cordova/Intel XDK.
New editor for text objects
Add “Save as a folder project”: projects can be saved with scenes, external events and external layouts stored in a different file for each. This makes it easier to collaborate on a game as a team.
Hold Shift in scene editor to resize object while keeping its aspect ratio.
Hold Shift in scene editor to rotate an object in increments.
“Snap to grid” now snaps objects when resizing them in scene editor.
Improvements on TileMap objects, including a reduced memory consumption for large maps.
Improvements for HDPI (“retina”) screens.
Several bugfixes for pathfinding that should now work properly in all cases.
Fixed search not working in the objects editor.
Fixed extra border condition of Destroy Outside Behavior.
New PIXI Particles advanced Javascript demo.
Fixed objects from hidden layers could still be selected and moved in scene editor
Internal code cleaning and improvements.
Fixes for Mac OS X in the scene editor.
Removed compilation of native games to a single file executable (was too unstable and prone to antivirus blocking).
Add support for horizontal mouse wheel in the scene editor.
Various bug fixes

Please note that due to multilanguage support in games, projects saved with version 4 can not be opened with version 3. Also, as this is a test version, please make sure to do a backup of your game before opening and saving it!


You can download GD 4 here :
Windows: … gd4085.exe
Windows (without installer): … /gd4085.7z
Mac OS X (beta): … evelop.pkg

I will make this version publicly available as well as the Ubuntu version if no major bugs are discovered. :slight_smile:

[size=150]Tutorial for the AdMob object[/size]
Check out the new tutorial explaining how to activate ads in a game exported with Intel XDK: … ndintelxdk

Also, the wiki will be updated to use the word Behavior instead of Automatism once this version is publicly released :slight_smile:

Feedback is welcome! Let me know if anything looks broken since the last version :slight_smile:

Congratulations! It’s really cool

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Great!, I’ve tested the scene stacking some time ago and works fantastic! :smiley:

Great! There is an example of it in the Angry Peas template (press P to pause the game) :slight_smile:


So now each project scene can be stored into a different file??? :slight_smile:

If you use the “Save in project folder” button from the “File” menu.

Yes, this is entirely optional, it’s only if you use “Save as a Folder project” :slight_smile:

Amazing! :smiley:
Should we wait the “stable” release? Or can we use it for production right now?
I know that this release is for testing purposes, but I’m too impatient :laughing:

BTW, thank you so much for this new features :heart:

This should be pretty usable, just make sure to do backups of your game in case something goes wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for continuing to support and upgrade your fantastic game creation tool! I enjoy using GDevelop, and I’m trying out version 4 now.

This sounds great and I look forward to trying it out. Are there any more new features planned for the final release version or is it at a feature freeze to be smoothed out before front page release?

My goal is to release this version soon on the front page, so basically it’s just to make sure there is no big issues :slight_smile:
Again it should be pretty stable but I prefer to do a test version to let you check that your games are working as we made pretty big changes for this version 4 :slight_smile:

From what I’ve been able to test with this version, it seems to work and run very well with few exceptions. The search in the objects editor loses focus after each character is typed, which is the only “bug” I’ve found. I’m not sure if this would be considered an actual bug, but the cancel button when adding objects is partially hidden unless the window is resized to be wider. See attachment.

Other than that, the only thing I can think of to comment on is the text editor. It would be nice if it had an option to save the font settings for the next use. It would be rather tedious to change all of the settings each time if there are a lot of text objects being used, and it would help with consistency. But like I said, “option”, so it’s not forced.

There are some other features I’d like to see as well, like an easy way to implement a leaderboard and reading an RSS feed (game news, etc)… mostly online features, but those aren’t relevant to this thread.

Otherwise, great job and thank you for your continued work on GD.

What about Linux version? Does it update from ppa? :confused:

Not currently because it’s a test version. However, you can compile GDevelop from sources.

will the new events editor be making it’s way to this release? :smiley:

No, I’m still working on it. :wink:

With ‘Snap to grid’ enabled, when resizing an object from its 0 point (x or y), it seems to snap the size but not the position on the grid.
It’s a little frustrating :blush:
BTW, any problem with this release :slight_smile:

Thrilled that you’ve added unicode support! :smiley:
Tested Russian text - it works! :mrgreen:
One notice: When I want to compile the file I don’t get options ‘Compress in a single file’ and ‘Activate optimization’. I only can change the output directory.