GDevelop 4.0.92

GDevelop 4.0.92 is available. Here are the changes and new features since the last version:

Platformer object now have an option allowing them to grab platform ledges. Activate this option in the behavior and be sure to also enable this on platforms.
Animations of Sprite objects can now be named. Specific actions/conditions are also available.
Add basic support for effects for HTML5 games. :sparkles: For now, there are 3 simple effects (Night, LightNight, Sepia) and you can apply one of them on each layer of a scene.
Performance improvement for HTML5 games.
Fix text rendering when using a custom font, when exporting HTML5 games with Cocos2d-JS.
Add support for non-smoothed texture for HTML5 games using Cocos2d-JS.
Add support for storage actions when for HTML5 games using Cocos2d-JS on Android/iOS.
When searching in events, events that are matched are unfolded.
Provide compatibility with Windows high contrast themes (thanks @RandomShaper!)
Reduced installation size by removing useless files for an extension


You can download the update from the website or from GitHub as usual. Update should be automatic for Ubuntu :slight_smile:

[size=150]There’s more![/size]

I’m less active right now on the forum as I’m working on an indie game that is powered by GDevelop. I won’t tell you much for now - maybe you can find it by yourself on the internet :smiley: A small hint: it’s a game starring one of the cutest and most well known cat of the internet - really! :laughing: And it’s all GDevelop running this game :slight_smile:

I’ll make a more formal announcement about it later!

Thank 4ian! :laughing:

Great update! The layer shaders opens a new door :smiley:

Good luck with lil bub :smiley:

Thanks! :laughing:

Yup, hopefully I’ll be able to work to improve these more in the next versions!

Really nice features especially the grab platform ledges, that’s really cool. :slight_smile:
The game also looks fun, I hope it going to inspire even more improvements and features like this to come :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the update!

Just when I started making the 2d platforming levels ahhh I love you

I believe there is a BUG with the text objects in this release. If I go to the text object properties to change text and color, whenever I press OK, the text size changes to 0 even if I set the text size to 20,30 whatever, as soon as I press OK, the size changes to 0.

On which OS ?

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Found the cause : an update we made to the Manifest file of GDevelop.

Workaround : delete GDIDE.Manifest from GDevelop’s folder.

Thanks it worked :slight_smile:

Great news!! Waiting for storage on XDK :smiley: :smiley:

nice! Thank you 4ian :smiley:

I have same problem in Windows 10-64 bits

I solved too. Thanks.

GDevelop is available for Windows only.

Here are the changes since the last version (4.0.92) :

  • Fix the bug related to the text object editor (Windows only)

This version is available from the official website, same link as before.

Thanks Victor!! :smiley:

Oh no. The version doesn’t work :

When compiling a game :

g++.exe: error: Files: No such file or directory g++.exe: error: (x86)\GDevelop/: No such file or directory
Don’t know why…

EDIT : Got it ! Was introduced by a bugfix I made for Fedora (forgot the " around the RPATH given to the linker).

Good catch :slight_smile:
Are you uploading a hotfixed version? :slight_smile:

Yes, but I have a poor upload speed :laughing: