Gdevelop 5 Beta 100: Light Example not work on Canvas with pixi legacy support

Hi, I’ve downloaded the latest Gdevelop 5 Beta 100 and unfortunately seems that the support for legacy graphic cards not work like for the effects that continue to not work with my nvidia GTS 250 1GB (I know, is pretty old but now I’ve started to work so hope to change it very soon) on Windows 8 Pro 64Bit.
Anyway, after the update install, have tried the Light example but unfortunately I receive the warnings/errors below in the screenshot

I’ve tried to create a new project for test them but the errors still there.

P.S.: After the Beta 92 if I’m not wrong, each project I open work only in Canvas from windows but still work in webGL from the browser.

@HarsimranVirk some methods seem not compatible.

This happend because your hardware is not ready for webGL.

However this shouldn’t crash the game, so these reports are reported to the author of the light system :slight_smile:

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