Gdevelop 5 game project source code for sale, ready for reskin. Gdevelop reskinning project

Painting and Coloring game in Gdevelop 5 + Admob (Gdevelop 5 reskin project).

All Gdevelopers are searching for Gdevelop source code and projects to reskin, today I’ll give you a link to a painting game that’s fully developed by gdevelop 5, and has a simple source code that you can reskin and make a new game from it and publish it in any play store.

Project link: Click here


This is a neat idea. I’ve moved this over to the correct subforum and updated the subject to be more transparent/accurate.


Thanks a lot.

And I’ll always be beside the Gdevelop community requests.

Might want to have a look at the logic for the color slider. Also the license seems indicates unless you spend the full $79 you’re unable to use any of the provided logic commercially.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll quickly fix that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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All fixed and the price is lower than before.

Be quick, and don’t waste your time while developing while you can get the project at a low price.

Hi, I didn’t look at your link before you fixed the problem with the sliders. But I had a look just now and either the problem is not fixed or there’s a new variation of the problem. As soon as I hover over the slider it starts to flicker up and down until I drag the button. It stops flickering but then jumps back to its original position, not after mouse release but after the cursor is no longer hovering.

Also the noise of the pencil went into a loop and wouldn’t stop even though I wasn’t drawing. I closed the tab and started again and it didn’t happen again.

Most of the sample images are very detailed, complicated and don’t look like images that would be interesting to colour in, especially with just a pencil.

If I were a paying customer here’s some things I would want:

  • as the concept is based on individual pencil strokes which means there will be quite a lot of them, I would want the option to turn the sound off

  • a little hover tool tip for each tool

  • a visual indication of which button was activated - thick stroke or thin stroke

  • and if there was no way of adjusting stroke thickness, have you considered having a third really thick stroke to make colouring in large areas much faster?

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Thank you for your reply, I respect your experienced view of the project, and help us to fix the bugs in it.

The team is working on the project and the edits will be soon published on the website. All thanks to you and your review.