GDevelop 5 layout survey.

To make sure we get maximum number of responses I decided to make a separated topic to be more visible.
I have created a survey to see how many people actually like the layout of GDevelop 5 and how many of you actually plan to migrate from GD4 to GD5 or done it already:


You get instant result after you completed the survey and you can also check the results here: … 8/instant/

It is free, one question only, require no registration and collect no personal information.
You can also come back and change your answer later.
It is about the future of GDevelop so I encourage everyone reading this to participate.

If you haven’t tried GDevelop 5 yet, you can give it a quick try in your browser or even download the desktop version:

I don’t know how long the survey remain active and how many responses accepted with a free account.
I just leave it here and will see…

Aaaand - it’s gone. :cry:

I don’t think it mattered in any ways.
Last time I checked it was 50-50. 50% of participants do like the layout of GD5 and plan to migrate to GD5 at some point in the future or done it already and 50% don’t care much for the layout or don’t like it and don’t actually plan to migrate unless there is a good reason for it.