GDevelop 5 System Requirements

I’m developing an app for my investigatory project which is purely made from GD. Im planning to buy a new laptop so that I could continue my work while on school.

So my question would be: What are the system requirements of GD 5(Windows)?

I don’t want to waste my money purchasing a laptop that couldn’t help me with my investigatory project.

PS: I tried to search up the net but there is no specific answer on GDevelop 5 Sys Req.
Answers would be greatly appreciated. :blush:

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I think the reason there is no System requirements listed is because GD can run on almost anything really there is only very few requirements that most if not all PC from the last 5 years can meet easily.

CPU: any 64bit compatible CPU
RAM: 1GB RAM (for GD itslef, the game you are making depends on you)
GPU: any WebGL compatible graphics
OS: any 64bit operating system, more recent the better

If you can find a laptop with a WebGL compatible graphics running a 64bit operating system, it should be fine imo.

If you share a link to the computers you looking to buy we can help you choose.

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