Gdevelop and Websockets

It’s possible to create an online game with Gdevelop by using Websockets, like, a four player multiplayer game?
I’m aware of the P2P function, but I don’t know the full potential of GD and it’s capabilities with online gaming.
Would Websockets work on GD?
Anyone has ever achieved online gameplay in GD with Websockets(especially Node.js)?

Afaik a full game has never been made using this, but this should be possible. I and Erigato have looked into and successfully communicated with a server, and Bouh made a PoC, though it was made with GDevelop 4 and is in french: GitHub - Bouh/Prototypes: Gdevelop and NodeJS for prototype of multiplayers

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Thanks @arthuro555!
If the connection was successfull on 4 then it’ll probally be great on 5.
But how it was the experience?
Lags? Connections lost? Real time and accurate response?

Personally i haven’t gotten in anything serious so I cannot say how well it performs for a real game with lots of data to sync but for the basic stuff I have done (sync a the positions of a few objects) it looked pretty much realtime, not any lag or throttle of any kind.

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