GDevelop becomes very slow after time

Hello to everyone! :slight_smile: I am using GDevelop with Linux Mint 18 64-bit “Sarah” on an Intel Celeron 2.16 Ghz CPU notebook with 4 GB of ram and an Intel embedded graphics card.
My problem is that, after some time of using Gdevelop, about 20 to 30 minutes, (when I make event changes or adding pictures and testing the game etc.), things start to become a little sloppy. For example, menus become sloppy, testing takes up to 5 seconds to load the web page, etc. In other words, GDevelop becomes…how can I say…unusable?…So, my concern is the following: Since I’m a noob in GDevelop (I’ve just finished the "How to make a platformer game tutorial! :astonished: :mrgreen: :laughing: ), does it worth continue reading about GDevelop or while the events list will become bigger and bigger (since my goal is to make a full game like an adventure game), I will always face the same or even worse, to a bigger degree, problem?

Is it not your computer slowing down because of the heat ? (This is typically the case when the heat is too high despite the fans.)

Nope! Aside GDevelop everything works very smooth on my laptop, even after 8 hours of continuous work.
It must be something about GDevelop itself, unfortunately :frowning:

But GDevelop uses a lot of CPU Power (especially when you edit a scene). So, I think the heat Can still be the cause. (There’s a lot of tools to monitor the temperature)

I don’t know. I will check it although I believe high temperature is not the case.
I was wondering about that events system too.
Creating a full game, is it maintainable?
I mean, from I what I saw on the “Platformer tutorial”, it just troubles me the chaotic list of events and actions I will get in the end of the creation of a full featured game.
By the way, has anyone tried to make a classic point and click adventure game with GDevelop?
I mean a full game, not a single room game with just one puzzle and one character.
“Theoretically speaking, yes, you could” answers are not allowed :astonished: :astonished: :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:
Thanks in advance

Sorry to insist on that but to be more precise, GDevelop is known to use sometimes 100% of one CPU core when the scene editor is opened (to render the scene). Considering that your CPU is quite weak and old, it can slow down the editing.

Ah, yes!
My old and weak CPU… :frowning:
Okay, now it makes more sense. :slight_smile: