GDevelop Cloud (user-sustained)

The idea is that GD users could install small distributed computing app and choose percentage of disk space/processing power to be used for GD-related tasks. That could be either saving part of GDevApp related things like images (encrypted) to increase space users can use in specific plans, distributed building of GD and so on.

Well, it could be a good idea for processing intensive applications like simulation or scientific computations (it’s already being done, you can participate but it is hardly applicable for GD or even GDevApp, that requires one server, even if it could be extended to a few others one day if needed.

What I’ve thought about was user-hosted, P2P GD Cloud. Users would donate some of their processing power and drive space so GDevApp could have bigger limits for same prices and with little to no investments in hosting. Perhaps in exchange for some premium service. Essentially what Freenet is doing or MEGA nodes, only here it won’t be sites/storage space but data to be used with GDevApp.

As for processing power, it could be used to compile GD nightly, there are already some distributed compilers that can work in environment like this.

4ian may be able to set up a trigger on Github and a gdevelop-testing ppa on Ubuntu (and I can do that on the OpenSUSE Build Service too) to have nightly builds, but there are no solutions for Windoww right now.