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Well am creating this topic because I was wondering(I haven’t been on this forum for a long time). Some days back I stomped into this section of gdevelop where they listed contributors so I was wondering are those who promote the software not contributors like the youtube tutorial makers and some others who go out to recommend this engine to me I think that’s a contribution. @4ian @Bouh I think you should put this into consideration.

The list of contributors contains people who did contributed with something directly to GDevelop, the website and the wiki.
Youtube videos, posts on 3rd party blogs recommending GD is appreciate but it is not direct contribution.

If you want to be a contributor you need to give away something that GD can actually own.
For example:
submit code
submit themes, icons, art
submit game examples and templates
write tutorials on the wiki
make a donation

Now that I think about it, I think people ever donated to GD could have a section with special thanks maybe. Not sure how that could work because some people don’t want to be called by name maybe and don’t want to be included on such list but could have a special thanks section and staff for donators.

But I’m honestly not sure about youtuber and bloggers and staff because it is not direct contribution and nothing is owned by GD after all that those people are sharing so it is not really a contribution in that sense but obviously very valuable for sure. :+1:

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I want to be very clear that any contribution to GDevelop itself, GDevelop ecosystem and community are all very valuable! Tutorials, written or in video, may be one of the most important assets for GDevelop future and GD users!

You’re right that currently most of the persons in this list are people that contributed to something that is in the software. But this list is also open to modifications :smiley:
I don’t update it on my own really, there is actually a comment in the source code telling that you’re free to add yourself to this list - and people that have been creating a lot of tutorials can totally fit in :slight_smile: We might want to do a category for this?

In any case, please don’t think that these kind of external contributions are not valuable. A good tutorial is much more impactful than whatever new feature I could be cooking!!

So the rule of thumb for now is: just ask me or even submit a change to the code and I’ll gladly add you - with a link to your blog/website/youtube channel if it’s related to GDevelop.


If you going to do this for YouTubers and bloggers I think you should really also add a tab to credit people for any donation they made. People could notify you in email and pm if they want to be on the list by confirming the amount and email address or account name, payment method and the date they used after they made a donation and the name they want to display on the list (if they don’t want their real name or just initials or their business name even…etc).

Even if the list is going to be empty for a while, it should have one imo especially if Youtubers get one and if GD ever going to receive huge amount of money, could also add a “Gold” “Platinum” donators splash screen like Godot does it :+1:

It could also motivate people to donate just to get their business mentioned for example, maybe on the front page. There is a lot of empty space anyway when you open/create a project, could be a place to use for top donators who donated above a certain amount in this month…etc


Thanks for the clarification