Gdevelop Credit System

Recently, Gdevelop announced a feature that allows players to promote their game from within the app. Along with this, they introduced a currency called “credit”. I have a few questions, and even some concerns about the introduction of this in-engine currency. My questions include:

How do you get credit?
Do you have to pay for it?
In the screenshot shown, it shows 1000 credit. Is that how much you start of with?
It mentions credit will be used for other features. Will that effect things like exporting and publishing? Will effect things like the features available for making the games?
Will the IOS builder come to Gdevelop ever!!!

You know, questions like that.

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A few days ago i made a post about these Credits because I also wondered about.


How to get in the Must Play Games List? - #5 by Ambytar

Helpful Links which can explain what these credits are, can be seen inside the GDevelop documentation:

They are writing this about Credits:
" When credits are acquired, or won (by participating to a game jam, unlocking an achievement or other specific actions in the community), they are tied to your GDevelop account."

But: It seems that achievements inside the app or in the forum does not increse the won Credits count, because I personally got no credits yet for achievements.
Maybe they mean a specific achievement which is very hard to optain?

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Ok, I went through the wiki page.
My only concern is that credit may limit certain features of Gdevelop. Example, needing credits to create leaderboards.
Also, I hope there are more ways to get credit for free, like maybe every week you gain credit based on how well your games have done in that space of time.
Also, I wonder if you can claim credit for already obtained achievements?

Yeah, needing credits to host a leaderboard would make me very sad

In my opinion it is not a good idea to reward games with Credits which are more successful than others based on popularity or playerbase and so on because:

  • It could end up in an endless loop of permanent presence of certain games on social media etc. and other smaller creators will have a hard time to get up in the ranks.

  • And then there is the thing: manipulation.
    Imagine a lot of people would be sitting for hours pressing F5 to reload the game to increase the playercount or let the games running afk on different devices to increase average playtime just to grind Credits.

Well, we can only hope that more official detailed information about this situation will be available in the next future to clarify and get a better understanding about this new Credit system.

Personally I don’t believe that they will limit certain features which are currently available for the average user.

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I’m curious about whether there will be any quality checks on games that pay/apply for the upgraded packages that include newsletter mentions, banners etc.

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I think they probably would for the two more expensive subscriptions. Less confident for the cheapest one.

Read more of the wiki page.
It says that credit will be used to buy additional cloud builds, cloud projects and leaderboards, which in my opinion, is a good way to implement the system. Don’t make your free product worse, just make the optional purchasable stuff better.
It also mentions that credit will be used for buying asset packs, which makes you think, how will the creators of said assets get paid with credits? Will it be a system where you can exchange credits with real money, like robux? Or maybe another system completely.

Hi everyone,

It’s Marcos, the Marketing Lead at GDevelop. I’m really happy to see you’re excited about this new venture!

First off, to make it super clear: the free offering is not getting reduced in any way with the launch of this initiative. What you were able to do with GDevelop for free yesterday, you can do today.

The thinking behind this initiative is that we have amazing creators within the community that perhaps don’t have the bandwidth, expertise or desire to delve into other parts of game development, like promotion and marketing.

And therefore, a lot of games that could make players super happy aren’t getting that many eyes on them.

We want to create a platform that allows people to make games, yes (and I think that’s been quite successful already). But we also want to help them beyond that, to get (and retain) an audience for their game, and for future games.

We’re monitoring this thread and we’re hoping to answer questions that have not yet been addressed in the documentation, so that everyone has access to them.

We’re rolling out this initiative in steps, monitoring things like performance, compliance with ToS and such things very closely. We’re putting systems in place to prevent things like cheating by just reloading the game over and over.

Your concerns are valid, and hopefully, over time, together we can create an additional offering on top of everything you’ve loved so far about GDevelop. Something that will help you get your game seen and played more than ever before.

Please, continue providing feedback! We’re always keeping an eye out to see what the community thinks of what we put out.


Ok, thanks for the clarification!

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Thank you for your diplomatic and clarifying answer about this new awesome GDevelop feature.

Today I looked at the “Marketing and Ads” tab in the app version 5.3.188 and I hope my suggestion can be helpful for future improvements.

This edited (color red) screenshot should help to explain:

In my opinion it could be useful to add a button which lead to a page for more information (and to the ToS) which describes in detail the whole offer of the package (before the purchase) to answer a few question like this for example:

  • Does the Premium package also include the services of the Pro and Basic package?
  • How will a banner from the Premium package will look like- (it would be nice to see an individualized preview inside the app)?
    (Such preview could be also useful to promote this service by itself, it could have a motivating effect to see the own game in a preview of a campaign)
  • How will a feature in the newsletter will look like; has the customer the ability to influence/customize the text/pictures for the newsletter?
  • On which social medias will the product be promoted; is it possible to uncheck certain platforms on which the game should be not promoted?
  • Is it possible to get a discount for non-commercial projects?
  • What will happen if a lot of other developers will use the service at the same time and how will this affect the desired results?

My suggestion and these questions are meant to be helpful and not critical to this project: “GDevelop” and I wish for this new feature a lot of success and I hope that this post will help you to improve GDevelop.

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My main question is when will players be able to claim credit from already completed achievements, if at all?

:thinking: With reference to the latest newsletter:
“New Marketing Tools For Game Developers :+1:2D Spine, and more!”
which contains an ad for an explicit horror game…
It is (I’m guessing) probably assumable that there are quality checks.

Does the Premium package also include the services of the Pro and Basic package?

Sorry for the bump, but it would be really good to know… :speak_no_evil:

Hey, take a look at this.

Should we be concerned? It states that you get access to publishing for Windows and Android in a silver subscription.
Its not really anything to do with the credit system, but thought I should share it here.
Also here’s the full list, just for anyone curious.

Hopefully, its just referring to the fact you get more automatic builds for a project in 24 hours.

Ok. Looked further down the page.

I was looking through, when I saw this.

So now, you can get credit by playing and reviewing other peoples games. I tried this, And from the 5-6 games I tried, and I got as little as 5 GD Coins, and as much as 30 GD Coins.

Naturally I have a few questions, though not as serious as my previous set.

Is there a limit?
Is this only available for a limited time, say, the Jam period?
Will IOS compiling ever come to Gde- oh wait it did come, my bad.

You know, questions like that.