GDevelop disappeared altogether from my PC


I’ve never encountered something like this before, but the program just vanished. Last night, after some hiatus I continued to work on my game and built the new version to html5 playable. Everything fine, game runs, time to sleep. And today I want to continue where I stopped only to see that the shortcut leads nowhere. No gdevelop.exe. Tried to search for the install, nothing, nowhere, except the projects folder. I guess yesterday it updated to the new beta as it was set on auto update, maybe that’s the reason it decided to delete itself? Did it happen to anyone else?

Edit: Found the install folder, it still exists, but it lacks the executable. Checked antivirus, it didn’t block it.


Probably you stopped the computer just after quitting GDevelop, and the update might not have enough time to finish… It happened once to me few month ago.

Let’s see if someone else report a similar issue before reporting it on github.

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Oh thanks, that makes sense. I turned it off soon after quitting really, so I think that’s what happened.

With the auto update, when you quit GDevelop the update process start by remove the current version and install the next one, the installation can take few seconds ~5 for me.
If you restart/shutdown/close the session, the install process is canceled, and the new version is missing because the installation was been cancel.

If this thing come to you, you need download GD manually and reinstall it.
All your settings/preferences, AND project are safe. Theses files are not affected by the process.

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Reinstalled it since, works like a charm. Thanks, for the explanation. :slight_smile: