--- GDevelop ExtenJam #1 ---

Dear fellow GDevelopers,
I’m sure you all enjoy the few extensions GDevelop has in store for you, and I’m also sure you would like to have many more to choose from.
Therefore, we decided to make a GDevelop jam event focused on GDevelop extensions. The goal will be to build the best extension possible related to a chosen theme.
The theme will be given on the start day of the jam, and you will have one week to create your extension and submit it for review.
The theme will be rather general to encourage variety in the submissions. Ideally, a single jam could lead to up to three published extensions.
For instance, if the theme is “health indicator”, you can make any type of health display system (small blocks above the player’s head, a bar at the top of the screen, a circle below the player’s feet, etc.). You can offer anything of course, like changing the player’s opacity according to its health, but bear in mind that your extension might be published for the whole community, so you should strive for the most useful (universal/compatible) game mechanics.

So everyone… Welcome to the first ExtenJam!

Pro and Indie are for get more export/day.

The theme for this first edition will be announced on Sunday, March 1st and the deadline for submitting the extensions will be Sunday, March 8th 23:59 GMT.
The winners will be announced on the following Sunday evening, March 15th.

The rules are:

  • Do it yourself, alone, or as a team, but only one person gets the reward
  • Seven days, no exceptions
  • Only one extension per person/team
  • To submit your extension, use it with any of the official GDevelop examples, upload the zipped project folder on easyupload.io or similar, and send a private message on the forum to “@moderators” with the link.
  • If you include sprites which are not part of the base example, we ask you to provide CC0 sprites. CC0 is the “no copyright reserved” option in the Creative Commons toolkit - it effectively means relinquishing all copyright and similar rights that you hold in a work and dedicating those rights to the public domain.
  • The extensions will be judged on the following criteria: usability (for game makers), quality of the events (the insides of your extension), compatibility (with different game mechanics), innovation and purpose. See detailed criteria below.
  • The winner(s) will be decided by a jury composed of any forum moderators, forum regulars (Trust Level 3) and Discord regulars (purple nicknames) nice enough to participate.
  • Members of the jury cannot submit extensions but will be encouraged to correct the winning submission(s) before publishing.

Detailed evaluation criteria for the jury:

  • [15 points] UX/UI: settings/actions/labels are easy to use and understand
  • [15 points] Compatibility: can be used in a variety of situations/mechanics
  • [15 points] Innovation: anything unusual, creative in the way the theme is applied
  • [15 points] Purpose: is it how you imagined it, what you think you would need or like to have
  • [40 points] [For the technical jury] Event quality:
    • Clean: no garbage, no useless items/events
    • Clear: events are properly structured or commented
    • Concise: no unneeded intermediary events or variables
    • Conventional: adequate naming of variables (ExtensionAwesomeVariableEnglishName)
    • Classy: no better way to do it

That’s all I had to say! Thank you for reading everything and get ready for some extension action!


The first edition of the ExtenJam is open!
The theme is :
Switchers & Togglers

Some example items that would meet this theme would be: Turning on/off objects, toggles, sliders, checkboxes, booleans, switches with n positions, potentiometers, etc.

Stuck on your extension? Need help?


Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! :slight_smile:

Here are some ideas for the extension jam.
We can’t wait to see your entries!