Gdevelop for Wii U

I know I talked about this on a reddit post but I would like to get it out there to more people.

Unfortunately no, it’s not the switch (although either the creator of gdevelop or nintendo should have it optional) But if you are interested in making Wii U games, keep reading.

There is a tool called the Nintendo Web Framework. Never heard of it? Let me tell you

The Nintendo Web Framework allows you to compile HTML5 or Javascript games instead of using Unity or C and C++ (is unity hard or am I just stupid?)

Now for legal reason’s I’m not allowed to get into too much detail like how to use it. But if you wish to use it just sign up for

Thank you for reading this and have a great day, or night wherever you live idk.


Wow, thank you for this information. No you are not stupid, Unity is hard. Thanks.

I think I’m too late.

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Same for me :rofl:
It seems cool to be able to play cool GDevelop games on the Wii U!

It could still be possible, maybe someone with knowledge of Wii U and 3DS hacking can have a solution.

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