Gdevelop freezes with large event sheets


I have an issue with the latest version since it was updated on Wednesday.

I have a game with a couple of large scenes/event sheets. When I try to open the project, it just hangs. The events at the top of the screen are visible, but the app freezes at that point. If I open smaller scenes/event sheets, it is fine, but the big ones crash it - which means I can’t work on my game.

I managed to get it going again yesterday by letting it sit for 20 minutes, and eventually, the scene event sheet opened. I can see the CPU is working in the background, which is why I left it. Once it has loaded, it’s slow but workable. It’s the initial loading that is super slow/hanging.

I didn’t change the game between this version and the last (before it started hanging). I did notice the event sheets slowing down with the previous update, but not this badly. I’m thinking I might need to break the event sheets into several external event sheets as a temporary fix? That’s if I can get the game to open today…

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Did you ever figure this out? I have the latest update and it just started happening to me yesterday. I scroll down the event sheet a little bit and GDevelop freezes.

No. I still have the same problem but it’s not as bad as it was at first (maybe because of my workarounds).

I have found that quitting and restart fixes it. Sometimes it takes a few heartstopping restarts where I just get the top actions in the sheet rendered and then it freezes.

It happens with large action sheets and I’ve noticed that it’s worse if the actions are expanded when you open the sheet. So I’ve got into the habit of collapsing all the events and that has helped.

I can predictably make it crash if I attempt multiple quick undos on those large sheets, usual a single undo is ok, but sometimes not.

I save new versions often and collapse sheets before closing and saving. I’m thinking that I might have to break my events into smaller sheets but it gets quite complex to keep track of what goes into each scene so I haven’t attempted that yet as I’m in the middle of releasing a new version of the game.


I’m glad you have found some workarounds. Thank you very much for sharing them!

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same problem. The app is horrible. Search function only shows a whole block and you can’t scroll during a search. Lots of “bugs” that makes it a pain to use. I wonder why they don’t take care of those.

Iv had this happen to me too, not just on loading it at first but also when moving the events, as in closing a big event group, making the rest move, and it freezes.

To me it was happening before the last patch, it started happening when my event sheet got a tad big.

I’ve discovered if I collapse everything in the event sheet as soon as I open the scene it prevents the crash.