GDevelop GAME JAM in

An user of made this jam and there are 9 days left to submit an entry:

The theme is… “reptile” :confused:

There are zero entries at this point, what if the GDevelop community make some small and cool games for this jam?


I guess the host of the jam was using Discord to announce it. Honestly don’t get it what people like so much about Discord. You post something and it get pushed down in 2 seconds by new posts… :confused:

Anyway, I was also considering to launch a Jam with actual prizes to win, games must be open-source though.
Would anyone be interested?


I manage the discord channel of GD and i can write on a channel on Discord a special announcement to highlight an event like this.
Maybe for the next, if it more prepared, here 9 days it’s short.

I would really like to participate, but this announcement came too soon for me. After Christmas I would have time for it, but unfortunately not now. :cry:
Such an announcement should be posted at least 2 weeks before the start and not just on Discord but also on the forum and Itch.

I’d be interested in a Gdevelop Game Jam.
In fact my game Ploo just won the Mallard Game Jam!

I know there was only one entry, mine, but it still counts doesn’t it?

This isn’t an announcement. I just realized that jam exists and put it here. It’s a shame there are only like 8 days left.

But our friend here ddabrahim, just said he wants to organize a game jam with actual prizes and open-source rule. I think that’s wonderful, let’s hope it’s true.

By default, at this time we’re at least 3 persons interested in that game jam.

I was interested in that jam that has 8 days left, if I had more time I would participate on it.

So I would be interested in the ddabrahim’s jam too, as Wendigo I would like if it doesn’t start soon, need at least 2 weeks to finish my year.