GDevelop game jam! (you know you want to enter this post)


I’m another user of GDevelop and this forum and I’m very interested in the development of this great piece of software.

Also I have an account in (as other users of this forums has) and I was recently reading about its videogame jam creation tool (, that basically is a feature of that page that allows any user to create its own game jam ( with any desired theme or time span.

So, I was thinking it shoud be convenient to create a game jam in that site, that only allows games created with GDevelop (that would attract some beneficial attention over the software and the forum).

BUT! The game jam creation tool of gamejolt is indiscriminately used by lots of user that creates silly, poor designed or unattended game jams almost out of habit. So, my proposal and recommendations to doing right are:

  • First, organize the game jam inside this forum, to promote the showcase of games created with GD
  • Focus on small to mid size, functional games to show the capabilities of GD (NOT endless-developing projects, please)
  • Gamejolt allows to add differents distributions for differents operating systems (for your published games). So if your game can be exported to different native platforms (we can help us each other) and to HTML5 (that can be played directly from gamejolt) it would be great
  • Allow already created games and new ones
  • The game jam page provided by gamejolt is highly customizable, so I recommend to use GDevelop official logos and colors
  • Set a high time span for this jam
  • Once properly organized here in this forums, make lots of promotion in the gamejolt forum and another forums (such as gamedev).
  • Assemble a minimum of people (and a minimum of functional games) interested in this proposal before starts

If you have a game idea that can be easily made, do it!
If you have already complete a game in GD, put it in this jam!
If you can improve an old game of yours, this is the moment!

I offer myself to design, develop and maintain the game jam page but I’ll not do until see some interest of the forum community.

Some things need to be discussed are:

  • Time span of the game jam
  • Minimum participating users
  • Minimun participating games
  • Etc…

Please, any interested users SHOW YOURSELVES! in this thread :sunglasses:

Of course , I would be very happy to have the official consent of 4ian and Victor :wink:

Will definitely put up a game for this.

Maybe 1 month time limit or something like that? I don’t mind too much what time limits are though. Quite happy to make a new game from scratch for this also.

I would like to do a game for this too. :slight_smile:

Great! :mrgreen:
You two are great developers.

I think a month is a good time span :slight_smile:

Let’s start working in our games and I’ll create the game jam page in about a week. That way we’ll have a minimum guaranteed participation at the moment of start (at least, we’re 3 by now :smiley: ).

BTW, gamejolt also allows to create a WIP game page and shows the developing of a game until it’s ready to download or play online.

Great idea!

If you set up it (Basically, a theme, some people participating, and a forum thread for discussing about it), I’ll probably add a big “Game Jam running! Take part to the jam with GDevelop here” banner on GDevelop website (between games created with GD and downloads I think).

Great idea again, so let me know how things are going! :slight_smile:

While I’m working on a game in Unity now ( and because of that can’t participate, you have my full support for this.

I might have something to put in it too.
Well, if I can force myself to work daily on it… It would be a good opportunity to QA my last project.
But, still… Pillars of Eternity…

Great! Thanks 4ian!

The jam page in gamejolt will be be reay by the end of this week. I’ll notice you.

I understand but if you already have a game done in GD (and yes, I think you already have one or two in your available from your gamejolt account) just put it in the jam (when its ready).

I think the importane of THIS jam is to showcase games made in GD.

Cool! Glad to know you’re interested.

As I said to other fellow forumites: if you already have games made in GD, upload them to your gamejolt account and put it in the jam; if you want to make a whole new game, focus on something small and functional.


I have exams in two weeks, but after that I would love to participate :smiley:

When is this starting?

By the end of this week!

Perfect, it will start by the end of this week but it will last a whole month.

Where’s the jam?
What’s the finish date?

This sounds very good. I’d like to submit a game, but i’m out of ideas for now :frowning: I hope this promotes Gdevelop :smiley:
In case I think of something clever. Is this for native or HTML5 games?

GameJolt lets you upload C++ games or HTML 5 games.

I think it’s better to allow both platforms :slight_smile:
Note that for a game for a game jam, HTML5 may be more suited as we could then display the result of the game jam and let people play to game quickly (just click on “Try the game” and the game starts in your browser), that a huge advantage! :slight_smile:

Oh alright cool. I’ll have to see what I can come up with.
I take it we must use original game content?
I’m saying I must use things I make? (No street fighter, zelda, etc)
And are royalty free things allowed in our games?
Just wanted to be sure. Sometimes I use royalty free sounds and loops for music :slight_smile:

I have almost finished game, I want to publish elsewhere than sourceforge, and I hope you have a minimum quality to publish it there :blush: